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Merry Xmas

Welcome to White Moss Garden Centre

Cheshires renowned family run business
White Moss is a long running family garden centre based in Cheshire on the border of Widnes and Warrington. We provide products and services for the first time gardener to gardening professionals.
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White Moss Garden Centre - Widnes

Well we have had an amazing year to date and our most enjoyable season is fast approaching, the light of Spring evolved as ever into a beautiful colourful Summer, our Greenhouses were a wash with purples and pinks, blues and vibrant yellows, Bee's were buzzing around our Hanging Baskets and frequenting our stunning flower beds as the warmth of mother sun shone down on White Moss. The sound of people chuckling away as glasses clinked and sausages sizzled under a crisp blue sky during our Ciderfest are now fond memories that we look forward to next year as we see a return of all those fantastic Ciders and who knows what!

Before we knew it those long Summer evenings in the Garden faded away and the sharp winds and rains have crept in, the BBQ covers are on and the garden furniture's packed away until mother sun returns next year, winter is here and along with it her finger-tips paint our trees beautiful reds, browns and golden yellows before their leaves tumble to the ground carpeting those lime green rugs keeping the soil under cover, dark nights and cold mornings are the backdrops of our daily routine. Pumpkins with flickering lights and children running the streets with bags of toffees and painted faces, witches hats and little siblings knocking on neighbours doors for the first time while open bags collect tasty treats mark the time a splash of colour momentarily lights up the clear night skies, with pops and bangs that echo into the twilight hours.

And now that time draws near the sound of rustling wrapping paper, you can almost taste the smell of Turkey and stuffing, dads rummaging through the loft and dark spaces of home searching frantically for the led light power supply, fairies are bent back into shape, tinsel bursts out of black bags and catches light as it twinkles once again under tungsten lights, bits of wire and plastic hooks are untangled from the bottom of the carrier bags found beneath the broken baubles and candy canes, old bluetack with remnants of ceilings past, present and soon to be future are firmly moulded back into a pliable sticky ball on the end of decorations, a shake of the drawing pin box reveals the drawing pin fairies have stolen them to battle the dark forces who wish to take down the colour and beauty of this time of year, when he finally awakens from his long slumber. The little helpers have been busy preparing the good and bad books, parents are trawling the internet building wishlists and mums everywhere are dreading the aftermath of the biggest meal of the year while wives prepare subtle hints and e-mails for husbands who spend the Eve of this momentous day searching empty shelves for the things they should have prepared for long before. Fret not, we have everything you need to prepare for him, to rejoice once again in this festive season as family and friends temporarily forget the clients, the management and stress as we kick back and read bad jokes from popping toilet rolls and wear silly hats and watch red plastic fish curl up in our hands and little boys using tiny screwdrivers as swords for their action figures....Santa's coming....it's Xmas, and my word are we excited!

This year we have an unbelievable experience for you at White Moss, yes yes we have all the goodies to decorate your homes, gifts and beautiful handmade table decorations and all those wonderful Xmas trinkets you need, everything to replace the things you know you're going to find when you pack the new one's away...but not just that, we have Santa's White Moss Express this year, oh the Elves have been so so busy, Santa's magical wonderland will be viewed while travelling across the Garden Centre as you pass through the Elvish woods and into the enchanted tunnel before arriving at the Elf station where you will wander Santa's Grotto before spending time with the Bigman himself, and of course you will leave with a little something to open before he delivers everything you ever dreamed of this December.

Merry Xmas everyone....from all of us at White Moss Garden Centre.


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Garden Supplies in Cheshire

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White Moss provide first class local delivery services in and around Cheshire. Gardening deliveries in and around Warrington, St Helens, Northwich, Ellesmere Port, Liverpool and Merseyside and other surrounding areas. Contact us for more details and genuine inquiries.
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  • Santas Grotto 2016
    Santa’s on his way and with it the magic of Xmas, take the young ones down to White Moss Garden Centre to soak up the wondrous festive spirit and visit ourinfamous Santa’s Grotto with this Xmas cracker! SANTA'S GROTTO FEATURES Christmas is here again, ...
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White Moss Nursery and Garden Centre is your local community garden centre. We are situated conveniently 2 minutes drive from the M62, Widnes. We have very experienced staff on hand to help and a wide range of products.
Wide range of aggregates at White Moss
Fencing, Trellis and timber available on site
Lots of stunning plants and flowers available
Our main entrance area always welcoming
Set in long established surroundings
White Moss community garden centre welcomes everyone
All manner of products to help maintain your gardens
With a large area we have something for everyone....come and take a look around